Psychotherapy and counselling are talking therapies. Often people feel their worries are too silly to talk about, or that others’ problems are much bigger than theirs, but this leads to people suffering in silence.  Balance and wellness means valuing yourself enough to make the time to explore whatever is causing you emotional discomfort or pain.

Often we are not aware of where our difficulties come from, yet they influence your life right now. I can offer counselling as a short term service (up to 6 weeks) or psychotherapy as a longer term commitment, up to 2 years or longer.  The talking therapy I offer encourages you to talk in depth about your difficulties and to think about where they has come from, which means that you can choose to change.  I give you space to explore your thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental and supportive way.

Talking with a trained therapist means not carrying on alone in your struggle.