Why choose private counselling?

Talking to a trained psychotherapist or counsellor can be a huge relief.  I have completed the requirements and qualifications necessary to practice as a private counsellor, with many years of seeing clients.  You will not be a number in an anonymous service, and you are not limited to a number of sessions.  I am qualified to Masters level and experienced in a number of settings and with people of all ages.  If my sessions are full I am often able to refer you to a trusted colleague.

What happens if I decide to make contact?

I will send you an information sheet and contact you to arrange an initial assessment session.  The assessment allows us to meet and to find out about you, and to decide if we both want to continue working together.  It’s important that you feel comfortable in your therapy.

If we are both happy to commence therapy, we will review together at appropriate points.  Be assured that I will not advise you to continue any longer than necessary.

What happens in counselling and psychotherapy?

We meet for 50  minute sessions at regular times every week.  This is a safe and supportive space for us to explore your difficulties.

Can I bring someone else?

Individual psychotherapy and counselling allows you a safe and private space where you can feel free to talk without judgement.   It is not appropriate for you to bring other people, or small children and babies.  If you need someone to bring you to your sessions, please advise them that they can drop you off and pick you up again after your session.

What will happen at the assessment session?

I will ask you about what has prompted you to come to counselling, and about your current circumstances.  I will also ask you about your history and background.  I will request contact details for you, and your GP details. I will talk to you about confidentiality, and payment options.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

I require at least 24 hours notice of cancellation.  Usually an email is fine.  If 24 hours notice is not given, the full fee is liable because this your individual allocated time.

How long will counselling or psychotherapy take?

This depends on your personal difficulties and how long you would like to commit to.  Some people want to do some in-depth work.  Others find that they begin with a short commitment and then want to continue for longer, or they want a short commitment and that is enough.


The building at 3 Abbey Street, Market Harborough has stairs to access the consulting rooms, therefore they may not be suitable for you if you have mobility issues.